by Throwing Muses

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Released: 06 Sep. 2011


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On the 25th anniversary of Throwing Muses debut album release, 4AD issued the first ever compilation of the bands work, simply entitled Anthology. Compiled by the band, the 21 track selection eschews most of the singles in favour of personal favourites, and enjoys a non-chronological sequence which makes for interesting juxtapositions and encouragesa reassessment of the music.

CD 1
1. Garoux Des Larmes
2. Finished
3. A Feeling
4. Marriage Tree
5. Fish
6. Hate My Way
7. No Way In Hell
8. Colder
9. Tar Kissers
10. Mr. Bones
11. Limbo
12. Summer St.
13. Furious
14. Bright Yellow Gun
15. Pretty or Not
16. Flying
17. You Cage
18. Two Step
19. Vicky's Box
20. Mania
21. Cry Baby Cry