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  1. Wake
    by Dead Can Dance

    Released in 2003, Wake is a compilation culled from previous Dead Can Dance albums. Containing 26 tracks on two discs, it includes the song 'The Lotus Eaters', previously released only on the Dead Can Dance (1981-1998) box set. Recorded in 1998 as part of its new album, it remains the last song recorded before ... Learn More
  2. Treasure
    by Cocteau Twins

    Treasure (1984) is the third album by the Cocteau Twins. With this album, the band settled on what would, from then on, be their primary lineup: vocalist Elizabeth Fraser, guitarist Robin Guthrie and bassist Simon Raymonde. The song 'Ivo' is named after the album's record label 4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell. This new... Learn More
  3. Gentle Creatures
    by Tarnation

    1 Game Of Broken Hearts 3.00
    2 Halfway To Madness 4.39
    3 The Well 6.11
    4 Big O Motel 5.59
    5 Tell Me It's Not So 2.24
    6 Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right 4.10
    7 Lonely Lights 2.02
    8 Gentle Creatures 1.36
    9 Listen To The Wind 3.37
    10 The Hand 2.40
    ... Learn More
  4. Victorialand
    by Cocteau Twins

    Released in 1986, Victorialand is the fourth album by Scottish band Cocteau Twins. Working without member Simon Raymonde, who had been enlisted to work on This Mortal Coil's Filigree & Shadow album, vocalist Elizabeth Fraser and guitarist/producer Robin Guthrie produced a record almost completely devoid of percussio... Learn More
  5. The Moon And The Melodies
    by Budd,Raymonde,Guthrie,Fraser

    Released in 1986, The Moon and the Melodies is the product of a one-off collaboration between the Scottish group Cocteau Twins and the American composer Harold Budd.
    The album has the characteristic style — heavily-treated guitar sounds and euphoric vocalising — that can be heard in the group's other... Learn More
  6. Medusa
    by Clan Of Xymox

    Medusa is the second, and perhaps best known, album by Clan Of Xymox, released on 4AD in 1986. Tracklisting1. Theme I 2. Medusa 3. Michelle 4. Theme II 5. Louise 6. Lorretine 7. Agonised By Love 8. Masquerade 9. After t... Learn More
  7. At The BBC
    by Pixies

    At The BBC, released in July 1998, is a compilation of live radio sessions recorded by the Pixies at the BBC.Alongside versions of various singles, album tracksand B sides, it also features cover versions of The Beatles and Peter Ivers.

    Tracklisting1. Wild Honey Pie 2. ... Learn More
  8. Surfer Rosa
    by Pixies

    Released in March 1988, for Surfer Rosa, the Pixies follow up to debut Come On Pilgrim, 4AD founder Ivo brought in Big Black frontman and sound engineer Steve Albini to unleash "lazy evil" into the Pixies sound. The resulting Surfer Rosa featured many gems, none more so than Kim's instant classic ‘Gigant... Learn More
  9. Blue Bell Knoll
    by Cocteau Twins

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    Blue Bell Knoll is the fifth album by Cocteau Twins. Originally released in 1988 by 4AD in the UK and Capitol in the US, Pitchfork listed this album as one of the best albums of the 80s. This was the band&rsqu... Learn More

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