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  1. GAD-2014

    Down Colorful Hill

    by Red House Painters

    Shipping mid-August, order all 4 reissues as a bundle HERE
    Out of print since its release in 1992, Down Colorful Hill is the much-praised debut album from Red House Painters. The introduction to the world of Mark Kozelek - “One of the finest ... Learn More
  2. After The Snow

    After The Snow

    by Modern English

    Released in 1982, After The Snow is the Modern English's second album. It features the original recording of 'I Melt With You.

    Tracklisting1. Someone's Calling2. Life In The Gladhouse3. Face Of Wood4. Dawn Chorus5. I Melt With You6. After T... Learn More
  3. Complete B-Sides

    Complete B-Sides

    by Pixies

    Released in May 2001, Complete B Sides collects together the B-sides from all of the Pixies' six UK singles and one US single.

    Tracklisting1. River Euphrates2 Vamos (Live)3. In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) (Live)4. Manta Ray5. Weird at My School<... Learn More
  4. GAD-2107-6

    The Best Of Colourbox 82/87

    by Colourbox

  5. GAD-211


    by Cocteau Twins

    1. Blood Bitch
    2. Wax and Wane
    3. But I'm Not
    4. Blind Dumb Deaf
    5. Shallow Then Halo
    6. The Hollow Men
    7. Garlands
    8. Grail Overfloweth
    Learn More
  6. Life In The Gladhouse Best Of...1980-1984

    Life In The Gladhouse Best Of...1980-1984

    by Modern English

    1. 16 Days
    2. Gathering Dust
    3. I Melt With You (7" Mix)
    4. Mesh And Lace
    5. Black Houses
    6. After The Snow
    7. Rainbows End
    8. Smiles And Laughter
    9. Ricochet Days
    10. Dawn Chorus
    11. Carry Me Down
    12. Machines
    13. Heart
    14. Swans On Glass
    ... Learn More
  7. Ciao!  Best Of

    Ciao! Best Of

    by Lush

    Ciao! was released in March 2001 and collects together a selection of Lush's best songs. 

    The best-of CD follows almost five years after the band's dissolution and drummer Chris Acland's suicide; the compilation is dedicated in his memory.Tracklisting1. Ladykillers 2. ... Learn More
  8. Red House Painters I (Rollercoaster)

    Red House Painters I (Rollercoaster)

    by Red House Painters

    Red House Painters (also known as Rollercoaster to distinguish it from the second eponymous album, known as Bridge) is the second Red House Painters album, released in spring 1993 by 4AD.
    The lengthy album gives voice to Mark Kozelek's haunted lyrics of pain, desolation and loss, while musical... Learn More
  9. Strange Mercy

    Strange Mercy

    by St. Vincent

    CD/DVD Available May 8th 2012 - A limited-edition CD + DVD package, Stranger Mercy includes the full Strange Mercy album plus a DVD with music videos for “Cheerleader” and “Cruel” plus a 5-song live St. Vincent 4AD

    St. Vincent, the nom-de-stage of Annie C... Learn More

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