Eye Contact
by Gang Gang Dance

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Released: 10 May. 2011
Track # Track Name
1. Glass Jar
3. Adult Goth
4. Chinese High
5. MindKilla
6. ∞ ∞
7. Romance Layers
8. Sacer
9. ∞ ∞ ∞
10. Thru And Thru


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Eye Contact, Gang Gang Dance’s first album for 4AD, was recorded in an old church converted to a recording studio in upstate New York, with a myriad of chimes, drums and good vibrations. Chris Coady was behind the board to capture the impromptu jam sessions as well as the structured songs the band had on hand when they started, while Alex Epton aka XXXchange, focused on vocals with Lizzi. When combined, we have the cleanest, freshest and most focused Gang Gang Record to date. ‘Chinese High’, and ‘Mindkilla’ are sure to set the dancers in action , and songs like “Adult Goth” give the listener the space and freedom to meander in the beauty of sound.