Blonde Redhead  - 23

23 by Blonde Redhead

10 April 2007

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“Blonde Redhead shock us with their most accessibly perfect disc ever, 23”-Rolling Stone“Their seventh LP unfolds like a vivid dream…It’s an enthralling listen proving once and for all that they deserve the wide success of fellow travelers like Radiohead and Sonic Youth”.-Entertainment Weekly“23’s mannered downtown aura and etched elegance are sustained for its duration, marking it as one of the prolific band’s finest to date.”-Paste Magazine“Blonde Redhead’s hypnotic, romantic indie-rock makes 23 a perfect rainy day soundtrack”-Men’s Health“23 is a sinister, slinky catwalk with sharper melodic angles and a propulsive, post-punk groove, giving substance to all that style.”-Magnet“23 might be Blonde Redhead’s defining mid-career opus, drawing in new fans, polarizing existing ones and demonstrating how great groups can mature while remaining in tact.”-CMJ"23 is the band's greatest accomplishment to date…There's nothing like a success story, and Blonde Redhead proves that patience and hard work have their rewards".-Bust Magazine“With 23, Blonde Redhead has made an album that seems to be before, of, and beyond it’s time.”-Amplifier“”23” wields a dignified, mature assurance coupled with eerie pop hooks, making it irresistible and accessible.”-American Songwriter“…the driving drums and ethereal guitar bluster of Blonde Redhead’s latest tune (“23”) make it the most epic-sounding song they’ve ever recorded.”-Washington Post