Bauhaus  - ....And Remains

....And Remains by Bauhaus

20 October 2009

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… AND REMAINS is made up from alternative mixes / takes and live recordings that were superfluous to the two Omnibus Editions TRACK LISTING 1. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Tomb Raider Mix This is a new mix based on the Hammersmith Palais ’81 live performance (the same as on ‘Press The Eject’). It has a constant rhythm (the live take starts at a gallop, quickly slowing to a canter) and uses a studio vocal that was added to the multi-track. 2. Terror Couple Kill Colonel – Spaceward Studio 24 April 1980 There are already 3 versions of TCKC on the box set (that’s enough) but this version was briefly available (by accident) on a re-press of the vinyl single and quickly withdrawn. 3. Double Dare – Southern Studio Mix #1 The unreleased mix #4 is on the box set but this is an earlier take. 4. A God In An Alcove 5. Poison Pen 6. Hollow Hills Recorded at University Of London Union 31 October 1980. We wanted to include a live disc with ‘In The Flat Field’ Omnibus Edition but only one official recording was made of a show (at ULU). The tape was a live monitor mix so the sound balance was way out with Daniel’s guitar recorded far too low in the mix. Sadly there were no multi-tracks so a re-mix wasn’t possible. These are the only 3 tracks worth salvaging from the tape. It’s a shame, as audience bootlegs show that Bauhaus were always a dynamic live band right from their early shows. 7. Poem Recorded at Space Place, Chicago 9 September 1980 This is from a bootleg and it’s a bit of fun that Peter employed during some of the 1980 shows.