Anni Rossi

From Minnesota via Los Angeles and now based in Chicago, Anni Rossi is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and had been performing as a solo artist for a few years prior to signing with 4AD. Rossi’s first release for the label was the Afton EP, which she toured extensively, including support slots with Electrelane as well as being a member of Carla Bozulich’s band. It was these initial efforts that helped furnish a great reputation and hardcore fanbase in preparation for her debut record.

For her album Rockwell, Anni headed straight to Electrical Audio in Illinois to record with Steve Albini and the results showed it to have been a wise move. Mostly using tracks from her existing set (‘Machine’, ‘Ecology’, ‘Wheelpusher’), the energy, depth and eccentricities of her live show were successfully translated onto record; something she feels she had not achieved previously, with Rockwell turning out as the document she set to make.

Prior to recording Rockwell, the viola has formed the centrepiece to Rossi’s music, but the album showcases a broader palette of instrumentation, fleshing out the previously sparse compositions. In particular, drums and cello elevate her sound, appearing occasionally to fill in corners. That it was recorded all in one day may surprise most, but it’s the unlikely cover version of Ace of Base’s ‘Living Danger’ that stands out; a version so sublime you wouldn’t know what it was unless told, typically reflective of Rossi’s refined ear and unique voice.
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