Cass McCombs

American singer-songwriter Cass McCombs announces the reissue of his first three records by 4AD – debut EP Not The Way, and first two albums A and PREfection to be released on 6 September. Remastered at Abbey Road, the records are finally back in print for the first time since their original release in the early 2000’s.


If you were around then, you’ll likely remember the sensation of hearing Cass for the first time. It felt like this: A new voice has arrived on the scene, and it’s got our ears all pricked up. In the years since, these foundational albums have only gained power with age and today can be regarded in retrospect as essential building blocks in the secret history of independent rock ‘n’ roll forever after. Now it’s high time to revisit and rediscover their pleasures – and to watch in fellowship as a new audience opens up to these living documents of heart, wit, melancholy, and joy.