Celebration is the band that Katrina Ford and Sean Antanaitis have been searching for ever since they hooked up in high school. Playing in numerous bands together for years, Celebration represents the most fully realised and three-dimensional stage of a decade-long journey, which began with the unhinged punk expressionism of Jaks. That first band also saw Katrina begin to explore the possibilities of her own vocal chords: an exploration that has led to the spellbinding range and force of her performances with Celebration. In addition to Katrina feral incantations, Celebration also lean heavily on Sean's multi-instrumental abilities. Playing all the music except drums - a feat accomplished live as well as in the studio - Sean summons a unique, dense, swirling sound from his armoury of organs, electric keyboards and Moog bass pedals.

Celebration's self-titled debut album was recorded at Headgear Studios in Brooklyn, New York, with David Sitek from TV On The Radio at the controls. A long-time cheerleader for the band, Sitek introduced Celebration to 4AD, and being able to make this record was the fulfilment for him of months and years of dreaming and scheming. As well as producing, Sitek contributed treated guitar parts and synth noises which made for a record splashed with beguiling texture and sonic surprise.

For all its starkness, its twitchy, raw-boned energy, and its unflinching focus, Celebration is an inclusive, even euphoric record. Throughout, this is music that speaks of a primal thirst for life. And in dark times, that's a cause for celebration indeed.
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