The Breeders

This Spring sees the release of the first Breeders album since 2002's Title TK.

By turns goofy, groovy, melancholy, strung-out, catchy, atmospheric and - at times - impossibly lovely, Mountain Battles underlines that Kim Deal is a songwriter and a musician of rare intuition. Her songs move from offhand charm to emotional truth with casual grace, balancing scuffed-up noise against fraught silence; timeless structures against strange new shapes. And throughout, of course, there's Kim's unique voice - languid, urgent, bruised and beautiful.

In short, Mountain Battles captures all the bittersweet electricity of classic Breeders records like Pod and Last Splash, and still manages to break new ground.

Mountain Battles was recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, Erika Larson at Stagg Street, Manny Nieto at Manny's Studio, at Refraze in Dayton and by Ben Mumphrey in the Basement.

The band were : Kelley Deal, Kim Deal and Title TK veterans Jose Medeles and Mando Lopez.

The Breeders will be playing live all over the world in 2008, including showcases at Canadian Music Week and SXSW, plus an extensive USA tour kicking off on the West Coast at the end of April.