Doolittle 25: B-Sides, Peel Sessions And Demos - Triple LP

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PLEASE NOTE: Downloads only contain the bonus tracks on LP 2 and 3 and does not include the original album.


Celebrating 25 years of the band's biggest selling album, Doolittle 25 brings together for the first time all the B-Sides, Peel Sessions and Demos, with a lot of tracks having not been commercially released before.The vinyl version will be pressed on to three pieces of 180g black vinyl, with the first containing of the original album, the second containing 6 B-Sides and 2 full Peel Sessions and the third being the album in complete demo form plus 3 bonus tracks. Like all other Pixies sleeves before it, Vaughan Oliver returns to reinterpret his original design and Simon Larbalestier’s photographs to create a stunning gatefold design, printed in metallic ink. A download card is included which offers access to all LP tracks plus four more bonus tracks.

A1.     Debaser     
A2.     Tame     
A3.     Wave Of Mutilation
A4.    I Bleed     
A5.     Here Comes Your Man     
A6.     Dead     
A7.     Monkey Gone To Heaven

B1.     Mr. Grieves     
B2.    Crackity Jones     
B3.     La La Love You
B4.     Number 13 Baby     
B5.     There Goes My Gun     
B6.     Hey
B7.     Silver
B8.      Gouge Away

SIDE THREE (Doolittle B-Sides)
A1. Manta Ray
A2. Weird At My School
A3. Dancing the Manta Ray
A4. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
A5. Into The White
A6. Bailey’s Walk

SIDE FOUR (Doolittle Peel Sessions)
B1. Dead
B2. Tame*
B3. There Goes My Gun
B4. Manta Ray
B5. Into The White*
B6. Wave of Mutilation
B7. Down To the Well

SIDE FIVE (Doolittle Demos)
C1. Debaser
C2. Tame*
C3. Wave of Mutilation (First Demo)*
C4. I Bleed*
C5. Here Comes Your Man (1986 Demo)*
C6. Dead*
C7. Monkey Gone To Heaven*
C8. Mr. Grieves*
C9. Crackity Jones*

SIDE SIX (Doolittle Demos)
D1. La La Love You*
D2. No. 13 Baby - Viva La Loma Rica (First Demo)*
D3. There Goes My Gun*
D4. Hey (First Demo)*
D5. Silver*
D6. Gouge Away*
D7. Bailey’s Walk*
D8. My Manta Ray Is All Right*
D9. Santo*
D10. Weird At My School (First Demo)*
*Denotes previously unreleased