People Who Aren’t There Anymore

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Albums will ship to arrive around January 26, 2024. 

4AD and Future Islands webstore exclusive 'blob' variant features a unique black blob in yolk colored vinyl and comes housed in an alternate artwork jacket. 

Future Islands was never meant to last. After eighteen years and 1,400 live shows, Future Islands show they're not only still here, they're making the most powerful music of their fascinating, but unexpectedly long and storied career.

For Future Islands, albums aren’t a static reflection of a moment in time, they are a fluid chapter in their lives that can change and mutate. People change and pull away. The band is no different, coming up against their future while staring at their past. They’re not the same people they were when Future Islands began nearly two decades ago. They are now spread about, some settled down and some still moving. People Who Aren’t There Anymore reflects the transience of a band’s existence; the rare privilege of travelling all over the world contrasting with the sadness of fleeting moments in and out people’s lives. Being everywhere but also nowhere. Remembering the lives lost and the living they’ll never see again, cherishing the present and being grateful for the past.

King of Sweden
The Tower
Deep In The Night
Say Goodbye
Give Me The Ghost Back
Corner Of My Eye
The Thief
The Fight
The Sickness
The Garden Wheel