Anni Rossi  - Rockwell

Rockwell by Anni Rossi

10 March 2008

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From Minnesota via Los Angeles and now based in Chicago, twenty-three year old Anni is an exciting prospect. Having been classically trained since aged three, Anni is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and has been performing as a solo artist for the past few years. Fresh from signing to the label, Anni headed straight to Electrical Audio in Illinois to record Rockwell with Steve Albini and the results show it to have been a wise move. Mostly using tracks from her existing set (‘Machine’, ‘Ecology’, ‘Wheelpusher’), the energy, depth and eccentricities of her live show have all been successfully translated onto record; something she feels she has never achieved previously, making the document she set to make. Until now, the viola has formed the centerpiece to her music, often finding itself to be the only instrument used, but more come to the fore here. In particular, drums and cello slightly elevate her sound, appearing occasionally to fill in corners. The fact it was all recorded in one day (July 13th 2008) will surprise most but so will the unlikely cover version of Ace of Base’s ‘Living Danger’, a version so sublime you wouldn’t know what it was unless told.Anni has already extensively toured both Europe and the US (including support slots with The Ting Tings and Electrelane as well as being a member of Carla Bozulich’s band) and has gained herself both a great reputation and hardcore fanbase. She’ll be back on the road in 2009 and dates will be announced soon.