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Cass McCombs Bundle
Cass McCombs Bundle

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    Not The Way: 

    Cass McCombs’s 2002 debut EP Not The Way, a song-suite of narcotic lullabies, acutely observed lyrics, and preternatural hooks, introduced the world to a gifted songwriter possessed with a fully-formed vision and mission. 

    His first release, the self-recorded 6-track EP was originally released on CD and was subsequently pressed by 4AD in the UK as a double 7” a few years later. Now finally getting the 12” pressing that will make collectors happy, this version also marks the first time Not The Way has been released on vinyl in North America. 


    Cass McCombs’s insta-classic 2003 debut album A is a formidable collection of story-songs and magnetic melodies that stands up today as a foundational document of independent rock ‘n roll to come. 

    Featuring deep cuts ‘I Went to The Hospital’, ‘When the Bible Was Wrote’ and ‘Bobby, King of Boys Town’, A has become a rare find on vinyl and title many have asked him to repress over the years. 


    With 2005’s flawless second LP PREfection, Cass McCombs entered the pantheon of singer-songwriters dealing in a signature thematic and sonic universe studded with effortless catchiness, singular mood, and literary lyrics of rare distinction. 

    Featuring single ‘Sacred Heart’ and  favourites ‘Equinox’ and ‘She’s Still Suffering’, PREfection set the scene for Cass’s 2007 breakthrough album Dropping The Writ, rounding off a golden period when Cass was in his ascendance.