Celebration  - The Modern Tribe

The Modern Tribe by Celebration

09 October 2007

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Following intensive live dates in North America and Europe, Celebration decided to change up their writing approach from that of previous efforts. “The Modern Tribe was written in two parts,” Ford says. “The first group of songs we worked on after we got off the road last fall. David went on vacation in Greece, and left Sean and I with some drum tracks he had sampled. Together we wrote some loose ideas around them, and when he got back, we showed him our homework.” The second half was cast in marathon practice sessions prior to entering the studio, once more with David Andrew Sitek (TV on the Radio). The Modern Tribe reveals this approach in its push-pull dynamics; soaring ballads like “Evergreen” and “Heartbreak” coax out the ethereal in latter-day soul, while danceable offerings like “Pony” and “Hands Off My Gold” and the hypnotic lope of “Pressure” turn the screws on a present-day world mired in conflict and chaos.It’s true that uncertain times strengthen the connections between kindred spirits. Ford explains, “The title is homage to friendships with the people we’ve worked and connected with. Bands like Antibalas, Dragons of Zynth, TV on the Radio, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – all good friends and musical collaborators, along with others. Together, we’re the modern tribe.” And as tribes grow, their powers grow with them. The Modern Tribe features contributions from members of all the above groups, but the end result unmistakably belongs to Celebration.
 “Here’s our first obvious album-of-the-year contender”-ARTHUR MAGAZINE“The love child of Quasi, Danielson, and TV On The Radio”-BUST MAGAZINE“Celebration is cathartic, catchy and corrosive all at once. Despite the hype that’s sure to follow it, Celebration is seems to be that rarest of birds: truth in advertising.”-HARP MAGAZINE